Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fence Watch

Day 2 Posts set
Killeen-cut Fence Company
Created this Killeen-cut Fence Company blog, so our customer could see the production of his/her fence from remote location.

Day 1
Production failure due to weather. It was our intention to remove existing fence and install new posts. We did remove most of the old fence but rain won out in the end.

Day 2
Removed the remaining posts, and installed new posts. Plan for the gate did not live up to my hopes, so we shifted the gate to the center with 6x6 posts on either side. Original plan was not a "bad" one, just not up to my standards. We did proceed as planned but will be using brackets for further stabilization. No production will occur tomorrow on the fence per say, for quality reasons; it is our intention to remove debris instead.

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