Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fence Watch

Day 2 Posts set
Killeen-cut Fence Company
Created this Killeen-cut Fence Company blog, so our customer could see the production of his/her fence from remote location.

Day 1
Production failure due to weather. It was our intention to remove existing fence and install new posts. We did remove most of the old fence but rain won out in the end.

Day 2
Removed the remaining posts, and installed new posts. Plan for the gate did not live up to my hopes, so we shifted the gate to the center with 6x6 posts on either side. Original plan was not a "bad" one, just not up to my standards. We did proceed as planned but will be using brackets for further stabilization. No production will occur tomorrow on the fence per say, for quality reasons; it is our intention to remove debris instead.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Local Experience by Killeen-cut Fence Company

  My father and I were at an oyster roast today. Upon arrival, I greeted who I thought was the bread delivery vendor. Turns out it was his twin brother.  We started shucking away with about twelve other people, and people start conversing. We get about 45 minutes into it and an older gentleman looks at my dad and says "that fence you built for me 28 years ago is falling apart, you need to come fix it", then he chuckles. My dad then whispered to me, "I think he has his time frames confused. We built his fence 22 years ago."

  The life expectancy of a Pressure-treated Pine fence is 18 years. What I saw, was a happy customer. Maybe his fence is in need of replacing, but he knows it outlived it's life cycle. He knows that he received a quality fence from true professional fence builders, but my dad also built a friend in the community.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Garden Bench by Killeen-cut Fence Company

Garden Bench by Killeen-cut Fence Company

Sometimes wood project begin at home. This beautiful bench was made using only scrap lumber. My wife and I wanted a bench in a partially shaded area next to our garden, so we built one.  

Killeen-cut Fence Company will be coming soon, to MY HOUSE!!! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beautiful fence design in Killeen, Texas

The Jericho fence design
     by Killeen-cut Fence Company

 We are making Killeen, TX beautiful, one yard at a time. This week we have another beautiful custom fence design by Killeen-cut Fence Company

The drive gate was a true challenge, and is a wonderful compliment to the workmanship that went into this fence. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the customers for allowing us to build these gorgeous fence and gate designs.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Killeen Fence Company is back in Production

Last week and the week previous we were put to a basic standstill, due to extreme temperatures. The Armadillo has been cuddled up into a ball for far too long, now he's rolling at full steam with the fastest nail gun in the west. This week we are working on a deck and pergola, next week we will be back to fence building.

Killeen Fence Company

Friday, January 28, 2011

Killeen Fence Company premier in Trimmier Estates

Enter: Jericho

 This week we are kicking off another year by building a new privacy fence design for 2011! Our customer offered us full artistic expression, which is always great news for all parties involved. This privacy fence will employ many of the techniques and sciences we have accumulated over the years.

  Day 1
 Posts are set.

  Day 2
 We are letting the posts cure, but intend to utilize this time to get prep work complete. We also unleashed an Easter Egg of a new gate design which really wasn't the original plan, but we doubted we would get complaints.

  Day 3
 We showed up to the jobsite to prep the posts, then went back to the shop to complete the prep work. The posts still needed more time to cure.

  Day 4
 Loads of production done today. Runners are up by midday, fence boards are installed and cut. We even installed the customized pieces to alleviate the space between the ground and fence while still keeping to the design "our customer owns a chihuahua". We saved a front for tomorrow, to make sure it is given the proper attention it needs; plus my wife is making BBQ chicken tonight.

  Day 5
Trim, trim and more trim in Trimmier. We got most of the fence done, but began to run out of day light. We don't like to rush, so we will continue tomorrow.

  Day 6
 Today we completed the final details on our fence project. Sometimes a fresh new day is the best decision you can make. We hope the customer enjoys, and would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity to build our fence design.