Thursday, September 20, 2018

Horizontal Wood Fencing Design by Killeen Fence Company

Killeen Fence Company is proud to present our newest custom design "The Horizon" Wooden Privacy Fence

A little about the Gate Entry to this privacy fencing design

Nothing adds a final touch to a great wood fence design quite like a grand entry way. For this particular design we decided to have the gate swing inward not just for aesthetics but also security. We feel it gave this fence and gate design a very clean look, while also hiding all bolts. We added solar lanterns on either side of the gate for a finished touch. The wooden handle used was handmade as well giving the entrance gate an olde world feel. For the Entry Arbor, we decided to go minimalistic to match the fence design and not overcomplicate or "take away from the beauty of the wood fence itself.

The Fence Design Itself

With this design, our main concern was strength. There's no sense in building such a beautiful fence design if it is unable to hold up, so our company owner started design with the wood frame, the skeleton of the fence first. After finalizing the framework, a miniature prototype was build and put through the wringer to test for strength. The customer was then contacted for final approval on designs and changes were made for different options for trim. What we went with on trim was minimalistic, all trim adds strength to the design itself.

Killeen Fence Before and After

A fence can be more than just a property barrier and it should, we have said this for years. A fence should add beauty to your outdoor living space; and when it does, it is our hope that you find that you love stepping outside for a bit of fresh air and enjoy it more often.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Front facing of your fence

The front face of your fence adds curb appeal to your home. What is curb appeal? Curb appeal is the appearance of your home when facing it from the street. Your realtor will tell you, curb appeal can be the difference between selling your home and a potential buyer moving on to the next listing. Many of our customers will have us dress up the fence that faces the street and choose a less expensive design for the fence perimeter. This accomplishes the goal of adding curb appeal without breaking the bank. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Friday, February 24, 2012

Antique Fence Gate from a Time Long Forgotten

  For the past two days I have been working at my own home. I rebuilt a chain link gate out of antique parts. I had to be extra cautious in taking apart several gates needed (so as not to damage any of the antique parts that would be impossible to purchase anywhere), to rebuild "one vintage gate" . The Decorative Lion Gate Corners had corroded to the gate railing they were attached to, thus bonding the metals together. If you look closely at the hardware recycled, you will notice that it is not quite ordinary. The "Center Lion Piece" came from a separate antique gate, but was a peculiar antique that I managed to recover in a fence removal. Another thing I noticed; the tension bars that I reused, are much thicker than anything on the market today. In all honesty, I have removed younger tension bars in my career that had been eaten away by the elements. These antique tension bars were in perfect shape minus discoloration; which I find odd, given the advances in technology.

  This area of fence will later be replaced with an Estate Design Wood Fence, and I plan on reallocating the vintage chain link to protect my garden area from our much loved (yet unintentionally, destructive) pets. The gate has been lifted 3" off the ground to ensure no damage is done to the bottom gate corners (which are also antique parts). All parts that that you see "discolored" in the pictures are going to be repainted with a galvanized coating, so as to protect them against the elements.

  What I noticed when disassembling the gate built in the late 50's to early 60's by the original "Killeen Fence Company", the steel was much thicker than what is offered today. The hardware offered in the world of yesterday had decorative elements and quality not even offered today. This is an element that my company has always tried to recapture, which is why I have the utmost respect for it. There was a time when fence contractors offered quality work for a fair price…and it wasn't because code enforcement would come barreling down their throats, it was because they were proud of their finished product. Later (it seems anyhow) people and corporations realized they worked themselves out of work; so they started offering products that do not last as long. Personally, it has been my continued goal to not have to return to a jobsite that I have completed. Yes, we offer a warranty for workmanship; but the goal has always been, for the customer to never have to use it. It is our goal to build a quality product from day one.

  Take a look at the solid decorative lion molded into the gate corner pictured to the left. This gate corner, by the way, is over 50 years old. It is absolutely amazing that it still exists. On the other hand, it is not quite so surprising. This was manufactured in a time when shoes were not disposed of and replaced with new shoes. People that bought shoes in this era had the soles repaired. People valued, and took care of their purchases. This is a decorative touch and ideal that has been long lost and forgotten in todays world, which saddens me.

  I want to take the time to give a special "Thank You" to Killeen Fence Company customers that make our quest possible. Yes, the service we offer may cost more in todays world than something of lesser quality (on that same token, our service costs less in the long run). Yes, the service we offer is a smaller fraction of a bigger whole; but if we are successful in our goals, hopefully, more will follow suit.

Friday, January 6, 2012

"thank you for your excellent service!!! our family loves it."

This is the gorgeous deck we recently completed. The customer was nice enough to send us some beautiful pictures.
We had to build around a tree, so we added a bench and an accent platform.

We really enjoyed building this…a big Thank You to the customer that let us play in their yard!!!

-Killeen Fence Company

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fence Watch

Day 2 Posts set
Killeen-cut Fence Company
Created this Killeen-cut Fence Company blog, so our customer could see the production of his/her fence from remote location.

Day 1
Production failure due to weather. It was our intention to remove existing fence and install new posts. We did remove most of the old fence but rain won out in the end.

Day 2
Removed the remaining posts, and installed new posts. Plan for the gate did not live up to my hopes, so we shifted the gate to the center with 6x6 posts on either side. Original plan was not a "bad" one, just not up to my standards. We did proceed as planned but will be using brackets for further stabilization. No production will occur tomorrow on the fence per say, for quality reasons; it is our intention to remove debris instead.