Thursday, September 20, 2018

Horizontal Wood Fencing Design by Killeen Fence Company

Killeen Fence Company is proud to present our newest custom design "The Horizon" Wooden Privacy Fence

A little about the Gate Entry to this privacy fencing design

Nothing adds a final touch to a great wood fence design quite like a grand entry way. For this particular design we decided to have the gate swing inward not just for aesthetics but also security. We feel it gave this fence and gate design a very clean look, while also hiding all bolts. We added solar lanterns on either side of the gate for a finished touch. The wooden handle used was handmade as well giving the entrance gate an olde world feel. For the Entry Arbor, we decided to go minimalistic to match the fence design and not overcomplicate or "take away from the beauty of the wood fence itself.

The Fence Design Itself

With this design, our main concern was strength. There's no sense in building such a beautiful fence design if it is unable to hold up, so our company owner started design with the wood frame, the skeleton of the fence first. After finalizing the framework, a miniature prototype was build and put through the wringer to test for strength. The customer was then contacted for final approval on designs and changes were made for different options for trim. What we went with on trim was minimalistic, all trim adds strength to the design itself.

Killeen Fence Before and After

A fence can be more than just a property barrier and it should, we have said this for years. A fence should add beauty to your outdoor living space; and when it does, it is our hope that you find that you love stepping outside for a bit of fresh air and enjoy it more often.

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