Friday, November 20, 2009

Sometimes wood projects start at home-Killeen Fence Company

Today I stopped procrastinating and started a home improvement wood project I have been meaning to do. No it is not a fence, today I built a wood kitchen counter-top. It is absolutely gorgeous; made the wifey happy, so job well done. Getting the measurements correct on this conter-top was a trick. It is an "L" shaped counter, with the sink in the corner of the L, which equals a nice 45 degree angle to play with.
Poly is drying right now. Tomorrow morning I will apply another coat. This is a home improvement project I have never undertaken, so I was a bit nervous of what the results would be. Fortunately, I did better on my counter -top than even I would have given myself credit for. Thank goodness the wifey had full confidence in my ability the entire time.
This is a solid wood counter-top, "L" shaped, with an leaf design engraved on the outer trim. Will post pictures soon!!!

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